THE DAILY BELLELLI: Making Learning Visible_June 8th 2011

Making Learning Visible: Children as Individual and Group Learners by Project Zero&Reggio Children

"I find it interesting to underscore how the concept of documentation (documentación), which has only recently moved into the scholastic environment, and more specifically into the pedagogical-didactic sphere, has undergone substantial modifications that partially alter its definition. In this context, documentation is interpreted and used for its value as a tool for recalling; that is, as a possibility for reflection.

I want to underscore one aspect in particular regarding the way documentation is used; that is, the materials are collected DURING the experience, but they are read and interpreted at the END.

Among the first questions we should ask ourselves as teachers and educators are: How can we help children find the meaning of what they do, what they encounter, what they experience? And how can we do this for ourselves?"

Carla Rinaldi


  1. I love that book, and I appreciate the quote that you pulled out. We need to document children's learning and work as researchers to interpret the data; it might be a mystery while it is happening. I'm not sure many people understand how much work happens in the interpretation stage, as teachers. I think about reading a novel and making an opinion and synthesizing all of the information - I cannot possibly do it at the beginning of the book or in the middle.

    Thanks for a lovely post! I need to visit your blo more often!

  2. I absolutely agree with you and sorry for my super late response.. I was using a different blog design that didn't alert me of any comments.

    In Costa Rica we will have two study groups next week about documentation! I will keep you posted about these activities! I also have a Facebook Page: Bellelli Educación