Bellelli Educación y Red Solare Costa Rica

Hoy hicimos un pre-lanzamiento de la página de la RED SOLARE COSTA RICA. En ella podrán encontrar información sobre qué es la RED, cuáles son los centros municipales de Reggio Emilia, qué es Reggio Children y el Centro Internacional Loris Malaguzzi.


My new book

I am about to start reading this book!!! THE HUNDRED LANGUAGES OF CHILDREN: The Reggio Emilia Experience in Transformation

"This book describes how the world-renowed preschool services and accompanying practical strategies for children under six in Reggio Emilia have evolved in response to the community's demographic and political transformations, and to generational changes in both the educators and the parents of the children. The authors provide the reader with a comprehensive introduction to the Reggio Emilia experience, and address three of the most important central themes of the work in Reggio in detail: teaching and learning through relationships; the hundred languages of children, and how this concept has evolved; and integrating documentation into the process of observing, reflecting and communicating."