Some thoughts about the book Art Education and Human Development by Howard Gardner

-Children may be encouraged to talk about their own feelings or purposes in creating a particular work.
-A comprehensive science of human development needs in some fashion to consider the full spectrum of capacities and talents exhibited by mature human beings in diverse cultures.
-Arts had to be apprehended as "a whole".
-Three aspects of children's competence in the visual arts: perception, conceptualization and production.

-Preschoolers are sufficiently sensitive to style. They can recognize the works of children in their class.
-An individual's level of understanding of the arts emerges slowly as a result of his interactions in the artistic real and his more general understandings of physical and social life.
-Art education has continued to be seen as a vehicle for promoting self-expression, imagination, creativity-not as a scholastic subject, not as a craft to be mastered.

-ARTS PROPEL represents an attempt to go beyond "sheer production" in arts education and to expose students to formal and conceptual knowledge about the arts as well (Portfolios)
-This one is the most powerful for me> Students learn effectively when they are engaged by rich and meaningful projects.