Falling in love with Seymour Papert's ideas

I am currently reading The Children's Machine from Seymour Papert and here are some of the main ideas that I extracted from the book: 

"The most important skill determining a person's life pattern has already become the ABILITY TO LEARN NEW SKILLS, to take in new concepts, TO ASSESS NEW SITUATIONS, to deal with the unexpected."

"The powerful contribution of the new technologies in the enhancement of learning is the creation of personal media capable of supporting a wide range of intellectual styles."

"It is CHILDREN who have most visibly demonstrated the energizing effect of media that match their intellectual preferences. They have the most gain and they have the most to give."

"Children have a remarkable capacity for making theories with a nearly helpless dependence on adults for information that will test the theories or otherwise bring them into contact with reality."

"The computer offer children a transition between a preschool learning and true literacy in a way that is more personal, more negotiational and more gradual and so less precarious than the abrupt transition we now ask children to make as they move from learning through direct experience to using the printed word as the source of important information."

"In education, the highest mark of SUCCESS is not having imitators, but inspiring others to do something else."

"Constructionism: the goal is to teach in such a way as to produce the most learning for the least teaching."

Papert on Teacher Training & Learning from ihor charischak on Vimeo.